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Ion Sources

Duoplasmatron ion source for gases P/N DP10

Beam currents from microamperes to 10 milliAmperes. For high current-density applications in deposition, nitriding, ion implantation, ion machining, neutron production, and outer space radiation simulation of solar wind and plasmoids. Adjustable plasma densities and temperatures for a varied range of ionization products.

Duoplasmatron ion source for gases P/N DPQ100

Beam currents from nanoAmperes to 25 microAmperes. Very high brightness of 800A/cm² steradian for ion microscopes and highly-focused applications.

Duoplasmatron ion source for gases P/N DPQ101

Beam currents from nanoAmperes to 25 microAmperes, hot and/or cold cathode, for analytical applications (SIMS) with spot sizes of microns and larger.

Penning-type ion source for solids and gases CC2.21

Singly charged beam and higher charge states for ion implantation with solids from boron to bismuth. Multiple charged ions for multiple energies: Double and triple or higher energy beams on target.

Standard products for custom applications:

Using proven products in custom configurations, PHYSICON can offer cost-effective set-ups for special requirements.

X, Y Raster Scanner RS1200 and Scan Amplifier with DC offsets and voltage ramps 0 to ±600V

X,Y beam position raster scanner driver RS1200 and X,Y amplifier RS1224

±300V,±1000V, Dc to 5kHz on ±X and ±Y outputs; neutral axis; micro- and nanosecond pulsing for time of flight.

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